What You Need To Do In Case Of Lost Luggage

One of the things you have to know before traveling is how to deal with a lost luggage cases. If you are traveling abroad all by yourself and the airline inadvertently placed your شركة-نقل-عفش-الكويت bag on the wrong plane, you will surely feel helpless and agitated. It is every traveler’s nightmare.

You need to correct this problem right away to avoid further hassles. Here are some of the things you should know:

1. Go to the baggage claim counter or office and file a report about your missing luggage. Give an accurate accounting on what you baggage looks like. Airlines companies give receipts for checked travel bags. Keep it with you and use that as a reference in case of lost luggage.

2. In the rules set by the U.S. Department of Transportation, airline companies are required to assist their customers in their travel needs in case of missing or delayed travel bags. However, getting them to pay for your clothing and toiletries might require persistence and may take some time.

It is important to understand the policies of the airline company so you know your rights as a passenger. Many airlines companies will deny any liabilities for clothing compensations. You would want to know about these things before checking your bag in.

3. Ask around for the nearest Duty Free store so you can purchase your necessities. Make sure you have allotted a budget for emergency cases.

4. If you are still planning on traveling, you might want to consider purchasing an excess valuation. This will serve as your insurance just in case the airline lost your bag.

5. When buying a change of clothing, keep the receipt. Most companies require proof of your purchase. This will allow you to settle on a fairer reimbursement.

6. Always follow up claims. Make sure you know the customer service number of the airline company so you can call anytime to follow up your missing bag.

7. If the airline company is giving you a hard time with the compensation and with the follow-up of your lost bag, you should consider filing a claim with the Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement Office. They could be sanctioned for not adhering to DOT policies.

Dealing with lost luggage is hard work on the part of the passenger. You should bring with you lots of patience. You have to make a stand if you don’t want to get a poor bargain from the airline company.

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