What Are the MLM Basics For Marketing Online

This is Tip 2 in the article series ‘What Are The MLM Basics For Marketing Online’. The first tip was that you need a system in order to market your business online. Without a system you would be spending a great deal of time and money trying to work out what to do. The next MLM Basics For Marketing Online Tip is also a biggy! Once you have a system in place, you need to get some Training! This is the biggest problem in Network Marketing. Although it is called ‘marketing’, no-one give you any marketing training. And when you bring your business online, it is all about the marketing.

So where do you go for training? Well if you took tip number 1, getting a system, you would now have access to training. Without the system, you could maybe try to find a mentor online who would be willing to give up his time to coach you. Otherwise you would have to learn from your mistakes, just like a huge number of people do online. The trouble with this is that you will probably do what you were taught offline and constantly spew out your information about your business. This is the way the amateur networkers work. It leads to people removing you from their lists of friends, because they are fed up of being sold to.

Training is hugely important for marketing on the internet.

If you consider that you would have to be trained for any new job, then it is just the same on the internet. You are very unlikely to know exactly what to do on your first day online. Everything you have been taught about the ‘old school’ methods of Network Marketing does NOT work online! On the internet we use Attraction Marketing to generate leads. We do not chase prospects around, we do not cold call anyone and we do not pester people as they go about their work. Prospects come to us, because they are attracted to us, not the other way round.

The system I use, Lead System Pro, has an unbelievable amount of training in the back office.

In fact one of the trainings, on Facebook marketing, is so popular that it attracts hundreds of people everyday to find out about our system! Because marketing on Facebook is so popular, and so many people are joining Facebook everyday, anyone with a business wants to find out how to market there. The Article Marketing training is also very highly sought after.

As well as trainings on all the social media sites, you will also need training about posting adverts, putting up banner adverts, how to do paid marketing such as pay-per-click and how to actually use Attraction Marketing. Once you have studied some of the ways to attract leads, you can start to generate leads into your system everyday. The best thing to do when you are just starting is to learn to master just one or two methods of lead generation. When you are getting 10-20 leads a day from your efforts, you can continue to do that method, but also get some training on another method and stick at that until you have mastered that one too.

Eventually you will have built up several different ways to attract leads into your business. But all this takes time. Do not give up after a month or two, because it does take time to understand marketing online completely. You may feel that you are doing everything you have been taught, but you are not getting the results you hoped for. It could just be one little tweak that makes all the difference. Just go over the training again, and see if you can pick up something you may have missed the first time.

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