SMS White Label Reseller Program

A white label product or a service is actually made by one company, but another company uses its brand name to re-brand it and sell it in the market. A good example white label seo tools for this would be SMS white label reseller program. Certain companies mainly manufacture and sell store brand or private brand products to lots of supermarkets, only by changing the labels of these products. Some companies even make some generic brands that are priced low, by keeping only the name of the brand.

Nowadays, white label products and services are also being used by some of the websites. In this way, the websites can offer new products, without investing much time, and without creating new technology and infrastructure. The primary benefit of this program is that the private label and the client will remain with the reseller provider only. Another benefit is pricing structure, wherein the reseller purchases the products at wholesale prices, and sells them at a higher price.

SMS white label reseller program mainly acts as a marketing tool for the white label products available in the market, both online and offline. This program can be used to promote various products, such as SEO products, including article marketing, selling through blogs, promoting internet business, and even bringing high traffic to any website.

There are some really good SMS reseller programs available today. Some of them even provide PHP application, which is indeed full of elegant solutions including mobile site generator, which can surely deliver 3gp video, mp3 audio and dynamic links through a simple SMS. Some of them even offer an HTML code generator that can allow some quick scripts, which you can easily paste on to a client’s website for online OPT. With this reseller program, you may certainly leverage content delivery, billing platforms, and a good quality messaging.

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