Smoked Salmon Bagels Make a Great Brunch Treat

On a lazy Sunday morning, nothing is better than heading out to a relaxed brunch with your friends. It’s wonderful to kick back, talk about the weekend, and not worry about the dishes, or about heading out anytime fast. There are many great brunch classics, of course. Eggs are always an excellent choice, as are pastries like muffins or danishes. And pancakes and French toast are always classics. Bagels Cinnaminson But when I brunch, I want a real meal, something that will give me energy throughout the day. I also want something easy to prepare, so that I can invite friends over to enjoy the meal without a lot of effort. For this brunch, a smoked salmon bagel is the perfect fit.

When you want to eat a delicious and special brunch meal, smoked salmon bagels are an excellent choice. These ingredients go together well, and it’s likely it’s a combination you remember enjoying during special occasions of your childhood. Of course there are lots of wonderful reasons to love smoked salmon bagels, but did you know that there health benefits is one of those reasons?

With such a rich and delicious treat, I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. In fact, smoked salmon, by ounce, as less calories than even baked chicken, long a dieters staple. And it’s so high in protein that it’s a great way to get the energy you need for your day without feeling weighed down.

Smoked salmon bagels are an excellent way to enjoy a full meal without piling on a ton of calories. But those aren’t the only health benefits that they give you. In fact, smoked salmon has a variety of great health benefits that you might not know about. For example, did you know that smoked salmon is one of the best natural sources of omega three fatty acids? It’s true, and it’s also true that doctors say that omega three’s are one of the keys to a healthy heart. Smoked salmon is also an excellent way to get the protein you need without weighing yourself down. When you’re done with your meal, you’ll have more energy than before, and you’ll be ready to face your day.

When you want the simplest and most elegant of brunches, smoked salmon bagels are an excellent choice. It’s also the easiest to prepare and to clean up from as well! All you’ll need is a platter of bagels that you’ve cut in half. Next to this, place a bowl of whipped cream cheese, for just the right texture with less fat. Next is a tray of thin cut onions and tomatoes, covered with capers. Finally, offer a tray of smoked salmon, which your guest will put on top of their creations. It couldn’t be easier, and everyone will love the choices, and the rich, fulfilling taste!

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