Serviced Apartments in Singapore


Looking to stay in Singapore? It is society rich in culture and diversity. In Singapore, you can find people of many races that include Chinese, Malaysian, European and Indian. Along with the rich culture and ethnicity, there is a wide variety of providing good facilities cuisine to divulge in as well. If you are looking to stay in Singapore for an extended amount of time, you will enjoy staying in their available serviced apartments.

Redwood Central Serviced Apartments

One type of serviced apartments that you can elect to stay in are the Redwood Central Serviced Apartments. If you are in search of luxury, then these apartments can offer you such. The Redwood Central Serviced Apartments are eight stories and are located next to the Paya Lebar station. You can choose among 20 different apartments to stay in. Guests may choose apartments that offer one to two bedrooms or those that have three to four bedrooms. The apartments have been decorated with a mix of antique and old world furniture along with elegant and modern style types too. Guests are never too far away from shopping as they are only minutes away from the main shopping and financial district. Facilities and services available include maid and laundry service, 24-hour reception, security and maintenance and a gym. Guests may stay a minimum of seven days at the Redwood Central Serviced Apartments.

Shangri-La Apartments

Shangri-La Apartments are among the most desired place to stay for both individuals and families. It is known to offer some of the best hospitality. The ceilings are high and decorated with beautiful chandeliers. Also inside the apartment complex is an award-winning restaurant and bar. The Shangri La Apartments are located along the island bringing a sense of calmness and serenity to its atmosphere. Guests are just a walk away from shopping and entertainment areas. When choosing an apartment, guests may select either a one, two or three bedrooms. The apartments are fully furnished and have at least one bathroom. The three-bedroom apartments have three bathrooms available. Shangri La Apartments offer accommodations such as maid service, an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna room, tennis court, gym, room delivery service, laundry and dry cleaning service, Internet and Wi-Fi access, baby-sitting services, 24-hour security system, indoor parking and shuttle service. Guests must stay up to a minimum of seven days to “rent” the apartments.

The Club at Capella Singapore

If you are bringing your family along, this is the ideal place to stay. There are 72 suites which face the sea and 9 stand-alone manors that have private pools. Guests may book a place to stay for either months at a time or even for a couple of years. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and a state of the art full option entertainment center. The club is 25 minutes away from the airport and also five minutes away from the largest shopping mall. Families can choose between one to four bedroom apartments. The four bedroom apartments have four bathrooms. Some of the service and facilities available include WI-FI internet access, laundry and maid service, breakfast, a pool room, outdoor swimming, a children’s room, a restaurant, baby-sitting service, daily maid cleaning services, a gym, guest programs and many other available services.

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