Rechargeable Two-Way Radio Batteries

A two-way radio is a transceiver which can able to transmit and receive the content. Two-way radios are available in stationary base, portable configurations. There are many sites www.ecostiletto.com such as BatteryMart, Amazon, Atbatt, eBay, Ecost etc. which offers a wide variety of two-way radio batteries for the top most manufacturers of two-way radios including Kenwood, Cobra, Midland, Uniden, Vertex, Garmin, Motorola, Icom, Tait, Yaesu, Vertex and many more…

– Different popular niche websites offers two-way radio batteries, chargers and accessories for the leading brand two-way radio models. If you see Atbatt.com has developed technology which helps you choosing the right battery for your model.

– For example, if you consider the product BP360 two-way radio, the Atbatt site helps you to find the right two-way battery needed for BP360 model. There are wide ranges of two-way batteries available for each of the manufacturer product with price ranging from $15 to $ 250. Like these the other mentioned sites will also help in search of the right battery as per the model as per the brand.

– If you preserve your battery in a dry, cool place then it can live life of two years. The temperature to store two-way batteries would lie between 55degree Fahrenheit and 75 degree Fahrenheit.

– The Cobra Brand is the one and only manufacturer to include lithium batteries with two-way radios.

– Two-way radios are great means of clear communications and allow your business running even in an emergency but the man-made products can result in power failures after long period of time and need to recharge your two-way radio battery. In such cases where if your two-way radio model shows a low battery alerts you must be prepared to come out of such situation. For this you should carry the batteries for your two-way radios and once in a week you must check how much power you have consumed.

– If you have UPS for you personal computer then in case of emergency, you can use two-way radio by just plugging into it to recharge your radio battery.

– You can also charge your radio battery in your car or truck with the help of a re-charger that can be plug into the vehicle’s lighter.

– The solar rechargeable power batteries are popular and increasing demand as a source of alternative energy. Using solar energy recharging kits you can charge the batteries of two-way radios.

Hence it is advisable to carry an additional battery and also to conduct a check on a weekly basis to detect the problems before hand as we all know that “prevention is better than cure”. The two-way batteries which you can carry are:

1. Nickel Cadmium two-way radio batteries:
2. Nickel metal hydride two-way radio battery
3. Nickel based two-way radio batteries require more maintenance and a periodic discharge is required.
4. Lithium ion two way radio batteries are less maintenance battery and no periodic discharge is needed. For these batteries charging can be done randomly

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