Miley Cyrus and Relationship Marketing: 2 Things They Have in Common

If business owners are looking to rev up their customer relationship marketing, they may want to consider using some of the techniques Miley Cyrus is using. Miley knows what it takes to keep her fans engaged by posting photos of herself on Instagram and Twitting about her inner most personal feelings. Marketing experts would say she has mastered Relationship Marketing 101.

The whole idea behind mastering customer relationships is to build loyalty, trust, and develop long term engagements. The way to accomplish this is to communicate with your targeted customers, and be sure to communicate consistently and frequently. According to loyalty expert Michael Lowenstein, “relationship marketing is all about creating longitudinal bonds with customers, which will produce strong, longer-term purchasing and word-of-mouth activity.”

1. Instagram is the number one photo sharing social media platform in America. With a 150 million active membership, 60 Billion photos are shared daily, and with 60% of people outside of the US using the site. Any business owner can start building an image to solidify their company’s brand by posting photos that will catch the eye of potential customers. By uploading appealing photos to bring attention to the services your business offers, you can penetrate your targeted market. For the rep management If you don’t have an Instagram account, sign up for one today.

2. Twitter is another great tool to get the word out about your business products and services. The use of 140 characters in marketing can bring positive results if used properly. Twitter’s timeline moves quickly, disseminating information on a vast variety of topics. Being a part of this social media platform will allow a business owner to get their messages out quickly. But be consistent to relate and connect with potential customers. Owners can develop a reputation for sharing relevant and useful information that readers can apply to their business model. Take your marketing strategy to another step by adding a customized header and background to your Twitter account.

Sometimes it takes new marketing strategies to boost your business internet awareness. Remember you don’t have to be a famous performer like Miley Cyrus to master the skills of Relationship Management 101. Try to capture the attention of your targeted market by becoming creative with the type of messages you disseminate. By using these two social media platforms you can breathe life back into your customer relationship marketing. Just remember the key word to being successful is “consistency!”

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