Is My Boyfriend Cheating? Discover These 3 Dead Giveaways and You’ll Immediately Know For Sure

There are many signs of a cheater, and your asking yourself is my boyfriend cheating on me? Some of the most apparent signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you may be so obvious is social media used for cheating to others but because you do not want to believe this, you maybe your turning a blind eye to these dead giveaways. The following signs do not necessarily mean that your boyfriend is cheating on you, however they are the most popular signs of a cheating boyfriend.

You may notice one or perhaps all three of these cheating signs happening simultaneously. The idea here is to enlighten you to the obvious signs and prepare you before you go screaming is he cheating when the first sign is confirmed. If you are worried is my boyfriend cheating, you need to pay closer attention to his actions, to the way he treats you and to the words he says to you.

Identify These Cheating Boyfriend 3 Dead Giveaways and You’ll Immediately Know for Sure:

  1. Reduced Intimacy and Emotional Distance When your suspicious your boyfriend has cheated on you, one of the most common signs is he becomes less affectionate in both the words he says to you and they way he touches or is physical with you. He no longer looks into your eyes and tells you he loves you or has no interest in love making. If you make advances toward him in bed, he might come up with a bunch of excuses why he is turning down your affection. Holding hands and even kissing starts to become almost an invisible part of your relationship.
  2. Change in Grooming Habits Many times a dead giveaway that your boyfriend is involved in an affair are right in front of you. His appearance is an easy way to spot some tell-tale signs of a cheating partner. Maybe all of a sudden he is more conscious of the way he looks, for example his new haircut, he joined a gym to tone up his body out of the blue, he wears a different cologne or his clothes may even have the smell of a women’s perfume that you are not familiar with. Check his drawers for new underwear and clothes. Spotting these signs can give you the evidence your looking for concerning your cheating mate.
  3. Curious Computer and Telephone Activity Now these signs of a cheating boyfriend are different from the others we mentioned. These clues actually leave evidence behind. Your boyfriend is up late using his computer after you go to bed, and if you walk in unannounced, he seems uncomfortable and closes out his IM window or email he was reading. If you find can be a sign hes hiding something from you. He may become angry if you look at his phone or look over his shoulder while he’s online too. In either case this isn’t normal behavior and you may want to do a little investigating at this point.

One of the simplest ways to answer the question is my boyfriend cheating, is to run a reverse phone look up when you see either a call on the phone bill you do not recognize, a call on his cell phone late at night that he acts strangely when he sees, or when you get repeated hangups on the home phone when you answer instead of him.

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