How to Measure Bra Size for That Perfect Fit

When women go shopping for clothes they imagine how the clothes would accentuate their assets and enhance their shape. Usually, the breasts, tummy area, buttocks and legs are the assets that a woman wants to highlight. One tricky are is a woman’s breast since a lot of women do not really know how to accentuate bh größen their breast via using the correct bra for them. Do you know how to measure bra sizes for that perfect fit? There are two things that you need in order to correctly measure bra sizes, your band circumference and cup size.

Measuring Bra Band

Using your reliable tape measure, go around your bust area and measure in inches the circumference of area immediately below your breast. Make sure that you relax your breathing while doing this to get an accurate measurement. Get the measurement at the moment that you have exhaled. Now, it could happen that the measurement you get is not a whole number. In this case, round off the number to the closest inch. If the number you get is an even number, add 4 but if it is an odd number, add 5. Ultimately, the number you will get is an even number. For instance, a measurement of 32.5 inches will be rounded off to 33. Since this is an odd number, add 5 to come up with a circumference of 38. This is your band size. Keep this number in mind for the mean time and measure your bra cup size next.

Measuring Bra Cup

To measure cup size, get the circumference of the fullest part of your chest area, which is around your breast area. Again, if the measurement is not exact, round off to the nearest inch. For the purpose of illustration, let’s say that the measurement is 42. Subtract the band circumference from the cup measurement. In our example, that would be 42 less 38 is 4. The difference of the two measurements will tell you your appropriate cup size. Refer to the table below in order to know your cup size.

Cup Size Difference

AA Less than 1″

A 1″ – 1.99″

B 2″ – 2.99″

C 3″ – 3.99″

D 4″ – 4.99″

The Perfect Bra Size

Your perfect bra size then comes in combining the two measurements. In our example the perfect bra size for this person will be 38D.

Plus Size Calculations

However, for those with fuller figures, it can be more difficult to look for the perfect bra size past cup D. Though the basis for measurements and calculations are still the same, different brand names or labels may offer different sizing conventions thus making it more difficult to look for the exact size for those with fuller bodies. Don’t hesitate to ask the sales person for help since they would most likely know the equivalent size in their label or they have a conversion table readily available.

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