How to Follow the Money in Horse Racing – And Why Most Methods Are Flawed

Following the money has been a big practice https://www.topspeed.com/cars/best-radar-detectorsreviewed-ar190065.html amongst punters ever since the invention of the exchanges allowed people to see the exact amounts of cash being placed on each horse in a race. This is something that if used right can be a very profitable betting strategy but if done wrong will lose you a lot of money. Following these 3 simple rules will allow you to profit from the work of other punters.

1. Ignore large amounts of money on the favorites, especially on high profile races. Often the large amounts of money coming in will just be people following the crowd and betting on the best looking horse in the race. You won’t find much value in these.

2. Look for large amounts of money coming in for longer priced runners. This is unlikely to be the Sunday punter crowd and may indicate that someone who knows their stuff is having a punt.

3. Look for large amounts of money coming in for horses that are not well supported by the racing media. Most punters don’t actually read races – they simply bet on the selections of people who do. If a horse that has received little to no attention from the pundits is having big money bet on it the chances are that someone knows something you’ve missed. So to put all that into a workable strategy, use these steps as a rough outline

1. Take the list of all horses in a race.

2. Cross out the favorites

3. Cross out the top rated time form horse (you can find this information for free in betfair)

4. Using the racing post site or newspaper, cross out any runners that show up in the NAP of the day list, that are highly tipped by the newspaper tipsters, that have much higher than average RP ratings or topspeed ratings, any horse that won its last race or that are tipped by Pricewise

5. Download betfair rapid (it’s free) so you can easily see how much money is going where.

6. If one of the horses left on your list suddenly starts getting thousands of pounds bet on it during the last 10 minutes before the off – consider it a selection.

It’s not an exact system, because with something like following the money or trading prices there really are no exact systems (that work anyway). It’s a case of practice, practice and practice until you start to get an instinct for it. Doing so with the about information however will put you well ahead of 99% of other people trying to follow the money!

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