Honda Ridgeline Gas Mileage – How to Improve it With Minimal Outlay

In the year 2008 we have seen record high gas prices and then the prices went back down to pre-2007 prices. People are looking for ways to improve their gas mileage, but yet they Honda Ridgeline want SUVs and trucks still. One of the most popular vehicles in 2008 is the Honda Ridgeline. Let’s take a look at how to improve the Honda Ridgeline gas mileage with a few low cost or no cost steps.

The very first step to improving your gas mileage is to drive better. As you are driving you, hopefully, should be noticing the posted speed limit signs. If you drive within these speed limits you are likely to use less gas. Driving over the speed limit is going to make your Ridgeline use more fuel. If the speed limit is 55 mph and you drive at 65 mph you are going to notice that your vehicle consumes 20% more fuel. You can do the math for the speed that you typically drive.

Have you also noticed that on the shifting pattern there is the “D” with a circle around it? This is the overdrive gear. Driving in overdrive also helps improve the gas mileage. The engine doesn’t have to work as hard while in overdrive which will reduce the amount of fuel that is needed to operate it and also reduces the amount of wear and tear on your engine. You should also use your cruise control whenever possible. People that don’t use cruise control tend to change in their speed often. If you can’t maintain a constant speed you are not going to have the best gas mileage that your vehicle has to offer.

Often times people like to just drive. They will drive to the grocery store and then back home. In a couple hours they realize that they need something at the hardware store, so they will take that trip and back home again. Taking several small trips and not allowing your car enough time to warm the engine properly uses about twice as much fuel as you would need to. Plan accordingly. Make a shopping list and get everything that you need all in one trip. Not only will this save you money on gas mileage, wear and tear on the vehicle, but it will also save you something that is much more valuable to a person – time. Also, while you are running your errands you should avoid any unnecessary idling. If you have to wait at the drive up at the bank for a while, it is best to turn off the vehicle to avoid wasting gas and stop air pollution.

The last thing that you need to do to improve your Honda Ridgeline gas mileage is to keep up to date on the maintenance. Keep the engine tuned. Check your tires every time you fill up on fuel to make sure they have the right amount of air in them. Change the oil as often as recommended by the manufacturer. The air filters should be checked and replaced on a regular basis. Read through the owner’s manual to see what all you can do to keep the gas mileage where it should be. If you notice a drastic change in the gas mileage you should take your Ridgeline into a Honda dealership and have them look to see what is going wrong.

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