Fitness & Health Tip – But I Don’t Want to Workout!

When it comes to working out, I understand that some people just don’t care to do it. I also believe that those are the type of people who probably wouldn’t be reading this article either! LOL

No one says you have to work out to be healthy. I’m sure their are studies that show how much testo max reviews more (or less) healthy someone who doesn’t work out is (or is not)

But, I strongly believe that the only way muscles stay strong is if you work them some how. Oh, I’m not saying go out and bench press 250lbs 50 times, that would just be silly. What I am saying is do something active just to keep yourself tone to some degree.

I also believe the human body was NOT designed to sit on the couch watching TV all day long. The human body is a machine that is in need of constant attention. The attention you give it will determine it’s overall out put for you.

So, that in mind, if you do NOT like to workout, that’s fine. BUT, do something active! Heck, go for a walk every day. There’s more benefits to walking than just getting healthy. If you go outside, you have a chance to meet your neighbors. You can see what’s going on in the neighborhood. Heck, make it a family thing and take the family out for a walk. Little kids LOVE this!

Now, if you don’t like to walk, that’s fine. Don’t look at it as a physical activity, look at it as a social activity. Make it a game of some sorts. Make it a quest to talk with someone you’ve never talked to before. Make it a game and see how many houses you pass. For all you anal folks, see how many steps it takes you to walk a mile.

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