Drunk Driving Defense – Lawyers Needed Globally

Who else in the world has vehicular intoxication problems that require the services of drunk driving lawyers? The answer to that question is that drunk driving is a problem on continents far and wide. Here are a few examples of global issues regarding excessive intake of alcoholic beverages.

* Britain is well known for its pubs and tasty pints of ale. It’s not just for the common folk either. There was recently an arrest of the boyfriend of Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter who had downed a few too many pints and ended up being penalized with a costly fine and the loss of his driving privileges.

* Canada has creatively come up with a unique sobriety check point: fast food drive through windows. Plain clothed policemen work the drive through windows of fast food restaurants at times that bars would be releasing the drunk drivers to the streets. If the burger serving cops notice signs of intoxication, they can take the keys right then and there.

* In Japan, it is illegal to ride a bicycle while intoxicated. The penalty for this offense is a hefty monetary fine and up to five years in jail.

* The age for legal consumption of alcohol in India is twenty-five years old. Many portions of India have gone back and forth between prohibition and legalization of alcohol. A congressman in India must abstain from alcohol in order to be elected. Media advertisements Avvocato in Spagna of alcoholic beverages are illegal in India. In the Hindu religion, alcohol is equated with crimes such as murder and adultery.

* The U.S.A. has one of the highest minimum drinking ages of twenty-one years of age, along with Fiji, Palau, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Some countries have no minimum age at all, including Vietnam, Albania and Jamaica. The youngest minimum drinking age is 16 years of age, which is law in countries of Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Spain, among others. The age of eighteen years of age is the minimum drinking age in the vast majority of the world’s countries.

* Interestingly enough, while the United States has the highest minimum age for drinking, it conversely has the lowest minimum age for driving. Many countries around the globe set the minimum age to obtain at driver’s license at the age of eighteen.

It’s pretty obvious that issues with alcoholic beverage consumption are global concerns rather than merely an American phenomenon. Drunk driving lawyers are obviously necessary all over the planet. If you’ve made the mistake of driving while intoxicated, minimize the unfortunate consequences by calling a reputable lawyer right away.

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