Best Practices for Securing Your WordPress Site From Hackers and Malware

Today, one out of every five new websites runs on WordPress. That makes it one of the largest technology revolutions of modern times. But the growth of WordPress as the platform of choice for web designers has also attracted a slew of hackers and viruses. WordPress sites get hacked and compromised every single day and what’s hacker for hire worse, only 6% of web owners get to realize it. New online research reveals over 60% of WordPress sites will be hacked this year alone or be infected with malware that either causes the site to crash or malfunction altogether. If you are a WordPress site owner, this doesn’t have to happen to you. You can fight back with recently-available tools and techniques.

You should take hacking and malware seriously if you use WordPress

We mentioned above that only 6% of website owners even know their sites have been hacked. The vast majority do not even detect the hack much less take corrective step and this can be disastrous. First, hackers can use your site to hack into other sites potentially getting you into legal trouble if the hacked sites are important (such as banks or government websites). Hackers can also use your site to send spam emails or denial of service attacks which can also spell legal trouble if authorities trace the hacks back to your site. If you are running an online business, hackers and malware can cause your site to malfunction and even crash altogether, bringing your business to its knees.

Finally, if you are selling anything online, especially electronic goods, hackers and malicious software can compromise your security and steal all your products. It is not uncommon for hackers to steal electronic products from a site and freely distribute them all over the Internet for everyone to download. This is another way your business can be potentially ruined.

Using plugins

Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress and allow you to secure your site with minimal effort. It used to be that you had to hire a professional to troubleshoot your site or advise on site security. Now there are several WordPress plugins out there that can help ensure your site is free from hackers and/or malware that may shut down your business. Unfortunately, many WordPress web designers do not conduct proper research when selecting the proper plugins for WordPress security. They rely solely on the plugin search tool located within the WordPress’ dashboard. While the Worspress plugins dashboard search engine will unearth some very helpful plugins for other functions, we recommend caution when using it to select the proper WordPress plugin to secure your site. This is because hackers know this, and will construct plugins and place them in the WordPress plugin depository for you to download. Many of these plugins are then downloaded by unsuspecting webmasters much to the detriment of their sites.

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