Hawaii Best Kona Coffee Bean On Sale In 2021

Kona coffee also known as Coffea arabica is one of the most expensive and sought after coffee varieties in the world. It is cultivated in the Kona district of Hawaii, specifically in the slopes of Hualapai and Mauna Loa. It is said that the best kona beans coffee can only be found in this place because the Kona district has the most suitable climate to cultivate coffee. The sunshine, rain, mild evenings combined with the mineral rich volcanic soil add up to the unique taste of this coffee.

Best Kona Coffee From The Kona Mountain Farm

One of the best producers of Kona coffee, the Kona Mountain farm has several recognitions that prove that their coffee is one of the best. Located at the district of Kona, Kona Mountain farm gets their coffee beans from the best sources. They hand-pick the beans and process them in an all-gravity wet mill in the same day. The all-wet gravity mill makes sure that the beans are not crushed to preserve the flavor.

The coffee beans are then air-dried and stored in a drying facility before it undergoes final milling. This process produces high quality beans that make everyone drool. The Kona Mountain farm also takes special care of their coffee trees by regularly analyzing their health, even the soil conditions are assessed to make sure that only the best coffee is produced in their farms.

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee

Another coffee farm that is located in the district of Kona, Hula Daddy also produces one of the best Kona coffee in the world. The company started in 2002 but has received great reviews and is now one of the best popular sources of this coffee. Hula Daddy is known for small batch roasting that makes sure that every bean is freshly roasted and the aroma and flavor is intact. This farm uses natural heat to dry their coffee beans to save energy.

Hula daddy Kona has received a total of six awards from 2007 up to the present. This proves that they produce high quality and great tasting coffee. Also, the company is not only concerned about their profit but they are also concerned about the environment. They have planted their plantation with trees and make their compost out of biodegradable litter that they collect from the area.

Hawaii Roasters

Another award-winning Kona maker is the Hawaii roasters, established by a 3rd generation coffee-making family. Hawaii Roasters is sure to produce one of the best Kona coffees in the world. Their farm is also located in the island of Hawaii, in the volcanic slopes of Kona district. Their coffee beans are handpicked, sun-dried and farm roasted to preserve the taste and aroma of every bean.

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