Bern Hotels Are Simply Lovely

The city of Bern is among the most schlüsseldienst münster charming towns of Switzerland. Located on the banks of River Aare the city promises a lot of attraction and surprises to the visitors and tourists. The hills, the lakes, river streams and breathtaking landscapes of Bern makes it a wonderful tourist destination. With such lure and allure even Bern Hotels make sure that the every visitor who visits the city takes back the pleasant memories of your vacation.

Although there are many places of interest in the city of Bern but to make things easier for you some of the best tourist attractions in Bern are as follows:


The structure of Kornhaus is among the finest illustration of Baroque architecture style. In the year 1998 Kornhaus was reopened at the city center of Bern and till date it serves as a hotbed of all the major cultural events and activities. Some of the best facilities available at Kornhaus are the Forum for Media and Design, Kornhaus Library, gastronomic venues- Kornhauscafé and Kornhauskeller, the Municipal Theatre and Library for Design among other.

Bern Cathedral

Boasting of being the largest one of its kinds, the Bern Cathedral took many years to complete. Worked upon by many eminent artistes, this famous Cathedral is one of the best Bern tourist attractions.

Collection of Classical Antiquities

The Collection of Classical Antiquities is an interesting museum that exhibits 230 sculptures of both Roman and Greek Gods, monarchs and other famous personalities. The collection started in the year 1806 and is well preserved even to this day. To name a few, you can spot dummies of Cleopatra, Aphrodite and Laocoon.

Oberhofen Castle on Lake of Thoune

The quaint castle of Oberhofen sited on the Lake of Thoune serves as the Historical Museum of Bern. Located at a picturesque location, this museum showcases the lifesyyle of the Bernese living. From the old world of 16th century to 19th century living… here you will have a great time exploring the way of life of the of Bernese locales.

Münster Cathedral

A very ancient structure the Münster Cathedral is a staggeringly beautiful late Gothic architecture splendor of the City Bern. Attracting hordes of visitors from all around the globe, this Cathedral is huge and towers higher than the top of Bern’s Old Town.

Besides visiting the places of interest in Bern you may have a great time indulging in the activities like hiking, trekking, mountaineering, golfing, cycling around the city among others would no doubt make your holidays fantastic.

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