Addicted to Prayer – A Good Addiction to Have

An addiction to prayer brings comfort and peace of mind.  Prayer develops our spiritual growth, keeps us centered, makes us more relaxed, peaceful and improves our lives and مواقيت الصلاة فى بيروت the lives of those around us.  If you would like to begin a daily prayer time, here are ways to get started.

Choose a spot in your home or outside for your daily prayer time.  It might be a park bench or a comfortable chair or even a porch swing.  Select a special time every day, same place, day after day, if possible.

Prayers of Gratitude – Every day,  take a blank sheet of paper or a journal page and write at the top – I am thankful.  Then list 5 new things – a rabbit scurrying across the lawn, your child’s great day at school, an act of kindness toward you, a telephone call that lifted your spirits.  Try not to repeat yourself.  In other words, don’t add that rabbit every day.  Open yourself to the wonders in your life. 

Writing your prayers – “I am too distressed to pray.  Does writing prayers really matter?”   Yes.  Everything counts.  If you cannot pray, write.  Write a daily letter to God, the Creator, your angels. 

Daily readers – Use a daily reader.  My favorites are Daily Word, Simple Abundance, and Pocketful of Miracles.   Check with your local church or synagogue for more suggestions.  Having a daily guide to meditations is helpful and keeps us focused.

Pray as you walk – If you would rather not sit still, you can pray as you take your morning walk.  Pray for each home in your neighborhood.  Express thanksgiving for every gift of nature along the way.  That can be as simple as silent prayers like “Thank you for the trees, the flowers, the sunshine.”   Recently on vacation, my sister and I prayed as we walked.  We did not stop and bow or heads and fold our hands or anything that obvious.  We simply decided to bless each person on our prayer list as we walked, and we spoke their names out loud to each other. It was a powerful and simple experience.   Our prayers do not need to be fancy, they only need to be sincere.

Prayer addiction is a wonderful addiction!  It links you to a Higher Power, makes you more aware of your surroundings, friends, family; and enables you to release many stressors we all have in our daily lives.  I challenge you — to try it!

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